Dilema do pau e da cenoura

"(...)Israel is very good at using sticks. It's the carrots where we mess up.
It's just no good continually beating up the Palestinians. Yes, they were in the wrong. Yes, they elected an evil and disgraceful leadership. Yes, they once more didn't miss the opportunity to miss the opportunity. Yes, this war is justified. Yes, yes, and yes.

But killing lots of Palestinians is not going to magically turn them into Zionists. When the war is over, they will still be there. Our neighbors. We will still need to live next door to them. We will still need to come to a modus vivendi. There will never be a way out of this conflict until we offer the Palestinians some carrots: hope and belief. The sheer despair and hopelessness of many well-meaning Palestinians, in both Gaza and the West Bank, bodes ill for anyone who cares about Middle East peace. They just don't believe it's possible any more(...)"

Alex Sinclair, eminente académico de estudos Judaicos em artigo opinião - ler resto por aqui - no Haaretz

Valerá a pena a abordagem violenta se não houver a devida abordagem diplomática?

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