Learning Azorean English by Eduardo Mourato

Eduardo Mourato - "The Blue Ocean"

When I was a young boy growing up in Portugal,
The Ocean was my home and my heart was in the ocean.
The Atlantic Ocean is the greatest of many seas,
And up to this day, I have all the memories.

When I woke up in my house with an ocean view,
I watched the waves break down and the colours were white and blue.
As I grew up, I never realized
What I had back there is a garden paradise.

When I left my country in 1972,
I left my house and the Ocean I always knew.
I also left my heart in the middle of the sea,
If my heart is there, that's the place where I should be.

Watch the waves of the ocean and the skies so blue,
Feel the breeze from the sea - that's what I wish to do.
Keep all the memories closer to my heart,
So I'm going back to live forever by the Ocean side.

[nota do editor: Menção aos efeitos especiais usados no fim do vídeo...sem palavras...]

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il _messaggero disse...

não sei porquê, mas relembra-me o grande victor peter (sim com c)


bob disse...

Acho que deveríamos começar um movimento pró-Eduardo Mourato.