a global World Cup

"Hundreds of angry football fans smashed vehicles in the Bangladeshi capital after power outages interrupted live TV broadcasts of a World Cup match, police said Sunday.

The violence erupted late Saturday when the blackouts hit Dhaka's southern Saidabad district just before the match between Argentina and Nigeria (...)" in ctpost.com

One of the odd subjects in football literature that always intrigued me, was the weird relation between Bangladesh people and the football World Cup. For a country who has never qualified for any major competition and puts cricket on top of their preferences, in a western view, it may seem a little strange all this buzz and madness around the sport.

"The elimination of Cameroon also mean the end of my life" said a bangladeshi woman in a suicide note after the african team lose to England in World Cup 1990. In 1994, after Maradona was throw out for using ephedrine, "20.000 Bangladeshis marched through Dhaka chanting 'Dhaka will burn unless Maradona is allowed to play" [Simon Kuper's dixit in is aclaimed "Football Against the Enemy" p.221].

In 2006 "The Hindu", a newspaper in India, stated that in the same World Cup and for the same reason, "about a hundred fans in Bangladesh commited suicide" [Kuper and Szymanski "Why England Lose" pp.243]. I always though that all this was a little hyperbolized.

Like a myth buster, last saturday proved me that I was wrong. Curiosly, with Maradona in the bench.

I'm starting to think that "La Mano de Díos" probably is real.

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